Welcome to the KNU TESOL Certificate program.

It is my honor to introduce this program for fostering  
professional English teachers who can teach English in English.

We are proud to announce that we are offering this program.


English education in Korea is becoming more competitive as the government increasingly demands better qualifications and more fluent English ability in the classroom. This program is designed to train educators in the method and practice of teaching English.

The emphasis is on interactive seminars and practical teaching application.


The KNU TESOL Certificate gives English teachers the ability and
confidence to teach English in English.




Welcome to KNU TESOL program!


The KNU TESOL program has been training English education professional since 2008.

There is no doubt that English has become a global language in education, economy, and science in this century. In fact, the need for Second or Foreign language English speakers are rapidly increasing.
Consequently, there is a need for TESOL training for both native English speaking and nonnative English speaking teachers that are well-prepared to teach English to language lerners.

This specialized program is designed to provide prospective TESOLers solid foundations of English education with hands-on practice Since 2008,
We have seen 5 graduating classes of both native and nonnative English speaking trainees.

We are proud to testify of their ongoing success. The faculty members of the KNU TESOL program are all exceptional and have experience in TESOL.

Finally, I invite you to become one of successful and dynamic
TESOLers in this global age world.

KNU Asia TESOL Center
Director Hyungu Lee, Ph.D in TESOL and Composition


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